Make It Last – Ep 126 – Marginal Gains & 5 Ways To Stay Active In Retirement

May 1, 2021

Victor & Mark begin the show talking about how are current political environment could impact your retirement. U.S. debt, low interest rates, household goods prices rising, & a change in taxes are just a couple things that could affect your finances and retirement plan.

The marginal gains theory, you might have heard of it, is concerned with small incremental improvements in any process, which, when added together, make a significant improvement. How does this apply to your retirement?

Then Victor & Mark give 5 ways to stay active, mentally & physically, in retirement.

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Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medina, an estate planning and Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) and Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP). Through his law firm and independent registered investment advisory company, Victor provides 360º Wealth Protection Strategies for individuals in or nearing retirement.

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