Welcome to Make It Last with Victor Medina. This is episode number one, which originally aired on April 15, 2017.

This episode introduces your host Victor Medina and the show. It also covers how much inflation has affected what the tooth fairy leaves children. And, finally, some last minute tax-tips for filing your taxes this year.

Show Notes:

Free Book Offer ($5 S&H): https://www.makeitlastradio.com/freebook

About Victor Medina:http://www.jerseyestateplanning.com/about-us/about-the-team/

The Original Toothfairy Poll: http://www.theoriginaltoothfairypoll.com/fairy-tales/

Why is Tax Day April 18, 2017?: https://www.thebalance.com/why-is-april-17-tax-day-3306324

Would you like to read the transcript instead? Here it is…

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